Japanese Manekineko

Japanese KUTANI Yaki Lucky Cat Maneki Neko "Oinori Cat"

Japanese KUTANI Yaki Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

width : 7cm
Height : 11.5cm

How sweet!!

"Oinori" means "pray".
She prays with you. It will help your wishes come true.

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What is Kutani?

ko-kutaniThe origin is Ko-Kutani.The history of Kutani ceramics dates back to the early Edo period, around the year 1655. Maeda Toshiharu, the first Lord of Daishoji (belonging to the Kaga-han), focused his attention on the development of pottery, although in the territory of Kutani (today: Kutani,Yamanaka Town,Ishikawa Prefecture) gold mines have been found. Toshiharu dispatched Goto Saijiro, who had been engaging in mining development and industry, to Hizen Arita, so that he could master their pottery technique. The establishment of an own Kutani kiln began with the adoption of this new skill.

The MORI technique

The MORI techniqueThe MORI technique is the most difficult technique in the Kutani ware.
The MORI technique is a method of painting and and burns and gold and piling up the pigment.
This gold is not discolored even if time passes.
It is craftsmanship of wonderful Japan.

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Japanese KUTANI Yaki Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

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The Japanese craftsman is making our goods manually one by one.
Therefore, it might be a little different from the photograph.
Please enjoy a difference.

We do very careful packing.

What's new.

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      New versions of Omedetai are available!   
      New versions Lucky CAT are also so lovely and she may bring you BIG good luck!
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      This is Kutani "White sleeping cat". She is very small and lovely.
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      Omede Tai   
      This is "Omede Tai" lucky cat. This cat has a sea bream. The sea bream is an auspicious fish eaten in Japan at the time of celebrating. "Omede Tai" means auspiciousness. "Tai" = sea bream
    • [2009/08/01]
      Opend !   
      Japanese manekineko web site Opend !